Capture the Flag Team

cAPTURE the Flag

The Sidd Finch CTF Team is a Capture the Flag team which competes in online competitions. Capture the Flag competitions can come in several forms, but most commonly refers to challenges where players use offensive cyber techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in software to “‘capture” or reveal flags which are hidden from plain view. The practice of CTF’s helps to develop deep understanding of computer’s, computer networking, software, and the relationship between them. There are several different types of CTF events including boot2root, Jeopardy, Attack-Defense, and mixed. Each type uses slightly different skill sets. It is common practice for CTF players to create “write-ups” of CTF’s after completing them. These solutions help players retain lessons learned and provide a use-full roadmap to others who are interested in learning how to solve the challenges.

Latest CTF Write-Ups